Simple Quiz Engine by David Perdew – The Revolutionary “Reverse Sales” Software Puts Unfair Profits And Hands-Free Sales In YOUR Pocket!

Simple Quiz Engine by David Perdew – The Revolutionary “Reverse Sales” Software Puts Unfair Profits And Hands-Free Sales In YOUR Pocket!

Simple Quiz Engine is an AMAZING product by David Perdew. Simple Quiz Engine is a new tool that lets you embed quizzes on your own website, then safely and automatically tucks away all quiz data. Getting new subscribers is as easy as sharing a quiz to your website or social media page. The beauty of this engine is that it helps you design a perfect quiz that engages your audience and tells you exactly what they want at the same time. It also lets you send your audience to an offer that solve their problems on the spot.

Quizzes give you a fun and interactive way to discover what your subscribers want, and gives you an even cooler way to make them offers on the spot. Disney, Forbes and other major brands all use interactive quizzes to engage their audiences, get more subscribers and serve up matching offers depending on how their audience answers. Now you can too, if you invest in this product.

Simple Quiz Engine

Simple Quiz Engine by David Perdew

Detailed Product Of Simple Quiz Engine :

• Product: Simple Quiz Engine
• Vendor: David Perdew
• Rating : 4.5stars - Fiverr Income Secrets - RankCipher - Viking PLR Bundle 2017 - Simple Quiz Engine


Simple Quiz Engine

Simple Quiz Engine in an ideal marketing tool, no matter if you’re a: Social Media Marketer, Email Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Offline Business Owner or Consultant, CPA Marketer, Ecommerce Vendor, Author, Podcaster, Blogger, Listbuilder…

  • Simple Quiz Engine Solves The Problem Of Finding Out What Subscribers Want.
  • Simple Quiz Engine encourages MORE users to click AND share your links
  • Gives You A Way To Serve Up A Perfect Offer As Soon As You Find Out What They Want (At The Very Moment They’re Primed To Take Action And Buy!

Simple Quiz Engine will help you…

  • Quickly Create Hyper-Targeted BUYER Lists In Any Niche…
  • Profit WITHOUT Selling With Tech That Tells You What Your Prospects WANT To Buy…
  • SKYROCKET Your Conversions & Sales On Any Offer You Promote…
  • AUTOMATE Your Lead Generation, Sales And Customer Engagement…
  • Works For Any User With Any Budget, With Both Free And Paid Traffic…

Watch The Demo Video Below
Discover how SQE both drives you MORE traffic AND increases conversions to your offers:

Here’s The Powerful Features Of Simple Quiz Engine

  • Makes Segmenting Email Lists Painless (Because The Subscribers Did Most Of The Work Themselves).
  • Helps Create Automated Sales Funnels (With Greatly Improved Conversions)
  • Tells Us Exactly What Our Subscribers And Prospects Want (So We Could Present Them Instantly With Ideal Offers They’d Eat Up).
  • Prequalifies Visitors And Subscribers For Our High Ticket Offers – So We Don’t Waste A Minute Of Precious Time On Tire Kickers Without The Budget To Buy.
  • Gets More Subscribers And Email Opens (Via Curiosity And The Our ‘Need To Know The Answer’).
  • Increases Subscriber Engagement (And Build Their Trust In Us At The Same Time)
  • Saves Members Money With A Tool That Is FAR Less Expensive Than Similar Software Without The Usual Monthly Expenses!
  • Takes Advantage Of Viral Sharing To Drive FREE Traffic From Social Media.

Discover How To AUTOMATE Your Sales, Leads And Profits With Simple Quiz Engine…

1. ASK : Setup Visually Stunning Quizzes In Just Minutes That Compel People To Participate…

  • SQE’s Pixabay integration gives you access to thousands of arresting images to make your quiz impossible to ignore.
  • Or choose one of the included templates to jumpstart your quiz building process.
  • Our winning quiz checklist walks you through the entire setup process from start to finish – no prior quiz building experience necessary.

2. DISCOVER : Find Out Exactly Who Your Subscribers And Prospects Are, What They Need And How ToEngage With Them…

  • Segment your existing subscribers into more targeted lists simply by sending them to a quiz . . .
  • Use your SQE quizzes to attract fresh, eager-to-buy subscribers from organic, social media and website traffic (your leads self-segment based on their quiz answers . . . without you needing to lift a finger)

3. CONVERT : Capture Leads And Send Traffic To Products And Services Based On Their Quiz Results…

  • SQE’s dynamic features allow you to monetize your results page with a customized pitch or content.
  • Automatically offers up the PERFECT solution based on individual participant’s quiz answers.

Simple Quiz Engine by David Perdew

Simple Quiz Engine Bonuses….

  • BONUS #1 – Quiz Success Checklist (Value $97)
    We are going to help you get going as quickly and easily as possible by giving you our exact quiz creation checklist. Follow this checklist to the letter – your quizzes will knock it out of the park in terms of conversions every single time.
  • BONUS #2 – SQE Marketing and Implementation Guide (Value: $197)
    It’s not enough to just to show you how to setup SQE, then leave you hanging if you have questions. You need to know exactly how to use it in your marketing funnels. After going through the Marketing and Implementation Guide you’ll feel completely confident to create your own quiz-based funnels with minimal effort.
  • BONUS #3 – 5 Simple Quiz Templates to Get Started (Value: $497)
    The easiest way to achieve success is to ‘copy & paste’ something already proven to be effective. That’s why we’re giving you 5 of our best quiz templates to get started. Simply add your info to the template – and you’ll have a high-converting quiz funnel in minutes. You’ll enjoy more subscribers, email opens and sales starting today!
  • BONUS #4 – Post Launch Live Webinar Workshop (Value: $497)
    We’ll walk you through every step how to increase engagement and conversions with Simple Quiz Engine’s advanced email segmentation features. Bring your questions – we’ll stay until they get answered. Get ready to generate more revenue in your business!
  • BONUS #5 – Your Business Concierge Training (Value: $497)
    Everyone has aspects of their business that need a little improvement. And we’re ready, willing and able to help YOU. Tell us what you need the most help with in your business now – and we’re right on it. Take the business concierge quiz we generated with Simple QUiz Engine to determine your exact needs We’ll then serve you an actionable training package tailored just for you packed with up to 20 hours of downloadable mp3 content. Refer to the training anytime you need it, 24/7/365.

Simple Quiz Engine

Simple Quiz Engine is very very professional product and best choice for you. Simple Quiz Engine is a feature-packed (yet easy-to-use) WordPress plugin which helps you drive MORE traffic, pack your list full of engaged subscribers, and make more sales by offering users EXACTLY what they want. 30 days money back GUARANTEE. Grab Simple Quiz Engine Now!

Simple Quiz Engine